November 14, 2019

July 25, 2019

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ZS-OFH gets her Prop Overhauled

July 21, 2017

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Tree Hugging Cubbie

May 31, 2019


Its normally the Aussie Koala bears that we see hugging the tree-tops, but onlookers were surprised to see a yellow Cub also getting in on the act.





A pilot has been rescued after his Piper Cub recently crashed and lodged in the top of a tree near McCall, Idaho. The pilot, identified as McCall resident John Gregory, 79, was able to contact 911 after the crash. In addition, the Valley County Sherriff’s Office was contacted by the International Emergency Response Coordination Centre (IERCC) regarding the activation of a SPOT locator beacon and by U.S. Airforce Rescue Command after they detected the activation of an unregistered EPIRB near McCall. The Valley County Sherriff’s Office and McCall Fire & EMS made their way to the site via snowmobiles and found the aircraft approximately 60 feet up in the tree.

According to McCall Fire & EMS, two helicopters were dispatched to assist with the rescue but were put on standby due to concerns that the rotor wash would dislodge the aircraft from the treetop. After the rescue team assessed the situation, McCall volunteer firefight Randy Acker, who also owns and operates a hazardous tree removal company in the area, climbed up to rescue Gregory. “He made his way to the top, clearing branches from the tree as he went up,” McCall Fire & EMS said in a statement. “Once at the top, he secured the plane with webbing to the treetop and then contacted the pilot. Acker was able to get a safety harness on the pilot who was then belayed down the tree to safety.” Gregory walked away with no injuries.

The cause of the accident has not yet been determined, but it has been reported that the aircraft lost power before the crash. Authorities are asking local residents to stay away from the crash site while they figure out how to get the aircraft down safely.


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