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ZS-OFH gets her Prop Overhauled

July 21, 2017

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Permanon Aircraft Supershine

April 3, 2018

For any pilot fortunate enough to own one, their aeroplane is one of their most cherished possessions. Whether it’s a vintage classic or new composite cruiser, keeping it spotless and polished is a matter of pride.



I know many aircraft owners who will spend hours at the hangar on the weekends tinkering away and washing their plane to make sure it is always in mint condition – sometimes they’ll be at the airfield all day and not even fly. They get pleasure and a sense of satisfaction just giving their plane some TLC.

It’s a good thing too. Every time you take off, you entrust that plane with your life. Keeping it clean keeps the parts moving freely, reduces drag and prevents corrosion.

And, for anyone who has ever been in, or just witnessed, an air race, they’ll know that having a clean plane goes a one step further. Air race handicaps are an endless source of contention, and to maximise your plane’s performance, you’ll want it as smooth, sleek and shiny as possible to get rid of any drag – and not just on the fuselage. If you consider how far and fast your propeller travels during a 300-nm race day, the reduced lift and added drag that comes from those bits of dirt stuck to the prop adds up, and could be the reason you lost out on those precious few knots.

SA Flyer came across Permanon Aircraft Supershine a few years ago at the Presidents Trophy Air Race, and that year OFH, our Saratoga, was two knots faster than the previous year.

Whether your aircraft is made of sheet metal or composites, Permanon Aircraft Supershine is perfect for treating and maintaining the exterior paint, prop, windows and finishings.

After thoroughly cleaning your plane, dilute 50 ml of Aircraft Supershine to 1 litre of water and ‘mist’ it onto the surface to create a durable, highly resistant layer of protection on your aircraft. Permanon Aircraft Supershine provides a hydrophobic coating and will protect your aircraft from harmful UV light, acids, solvents, alkalis, and temperatures ranging from -80°C to 300°C.

There is no chemical reaction between Permanon and your aircraft’s paint, as it bonds electrostatically. It’s non-toxic, non-flammable, solvent free, and environmentally friendly and biodegradable by OECD standards. One coating will last up to three months, and once applied, dirt won’t penetrate the surface, making it easy to clean, so you can maintain your aircraft in less time and keep it looking like new – and slicing through the air.

ZS-OFH has spent the past year in the drought-stricken Cape and when he wanted to clean the plane, Guy Leitch discovered that with Permanon he didn’t even need water – two years after the plane had been polished for the air race he was able to just wipe the dust off the still glossy Permanon surface – and it looked like new!

Another unexpected benefit of Permanon comes from a bizjet operator who discovered that his passenger windows had been polished so much they were too thin and had to be replaced. When he switched to Permanon, its lack of abrasion no longer removed material from the Perspex windows so they lasted much longer.

Aircraft Supershine costs R797 for 500 ml or R1,494 for 1 litre concentrate. 500 ml concentrate will typically treat an average aircraft four times. Orders can be placed with Andre Swart at 083 222 5996 or and will be delivered in South Africa free of charge. Permanon products are also available at Eagle Air Pilot shop at Wonderboom Airport.

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