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July 21, 2017

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Plane Tags

November 22, 2017

 Wouldn’t you like to own a piece of aviation history – a vintage warbird or a retired airliner? PlaneTags takes retired airframes and turns them into little mementos in the form of key ring tags.




PlaneTags are a branch of MotoArt, a company that salvages old aeroplanes and turns them into furniture and other decorative pieces. Although works of art, these pieces are expensive and impractical outside your aviation man-cave. PlaneTags’ key rings, on the other hand, allow you to indulge your love of all things aviation more easily – and it gives these wonderful old aircraft a second life after being scrapped.

The tags are individually numbered and are of course limited editions. Thickness, colour and markings vary, depending on which part of the aeroplane skin was used, giving each tag its own unique appearance. On some, the wear and tear from years of flying in harsh conditions or standing in the field exposed to the elements is embraced as giving the tag extra ‘character’.

On the front side, the tag is marked with the outline of the aircraft type, and is labelled with the plane’s make, model and serial number, so you can research exactly where your tag came from and find out the history of the aircraft. The website gives a brief history and lets you know which part of the plane was used. On the back of the tag you can ask them to engrave your name, address and phone number.

The stock depends on what plane the company is chopping up at the time, but they offer everything from World War II vintage aircraft through to modern airliners. For example, you could carry around a piece of a B-52, DC-3, F-86 Sabre or P-51 Mustang, through to a 747, A320 or Gulfstream.

The price ranges from around US$25 to over US$100 – the B1-B costing US$125. Not cheap, but it will make for a novel gift, full of history and character, which any aviation enthusiast will value. Delivery is free worldwide for any order of more than US$30

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