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ZS-OFH gets her Prop Overhauled

July 21, 2017

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Optimate Aircraft Battery Charger

March 6, 2017

You’re strapped in, ready to go: master on, mags on, engine is primed, starter engaged … the prop pushes through one compression, ekes through another, and stops. A flat battery is a likely symptom of irregular flying – and few of us are able to fly as often as we would like to.


OptiMate’s aircraft battery chargers can take the frustration out of having a flat battery, and give your battery a long healthy life. So, when you do get to fly, you can get in and go.

A good quality aviation specific battery should give you over five years of safe, near full capacity performance, if it is properly maintained. Dry, sealed aviation batteries need to be kept fully charged to avoid sulphate build-up – the main cause of early battery failures. A sulphated battery can never be fully charged, no matter how long it is left connected to a charger, unless it is an aviation specific charger with a de-sulphating capability. In almost all cases there is nothing else wrong with the battery.

However, if a battery isn’t kept fully charged, it can lose electrolytes in the form of gas. There is no way to replace these electrolytes, and in this case the battery dies long before it should.

To maximise the cranking amps and reserve capacity, while minimising weight and size, aviation batteries use higher specific gravity (SG) electrolytes. This ‘hotter mix’ (more sulphuric acid and less water) means it will be overcharged if you use your run-of-the-mill car ‘trickle charger’. 

The OptiMate Intelligent Battery Charger is controlled by micro-processors, allowing a two-way ‘communication’ between the battery and the charger, and ensuring the connected battery is charged and de-sulphated in a safe and controlled way. OptiMate is designed to test, maintain, de-sulphate, and equalise.

TecMate International, manufacturer of the OptiMate brand, was started in South Africa in 1994. The first prototype chargers were manufactured in a garage in Pinelands, Cape Town. Today, OptiMate chargers are recognised worldwide as one of the most advanced fully automatic battery chargers. The company has offices in Cape Town, Canada and Belgium, and distributors in 78 countries.

OptiMate chargers are available in South Africa through Safeguard Equipment and cost R1641; however, a discount will be given when quoting the SA Flyer ‘FLYMORE’ code. Safeguard Equipment reckons that although more expensive than non-aviation specific battery chargers, the cost will be more than offset by your battery’s extended life.

For more information contact Safeguard Equipment on:  or call 083 677 0018.




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